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Welcome to SuperGradients, a free, open-source training library for PyTorch-based deep learning models. SuperGradients allows you to train or fine-tune SOTA pre-trained models for all the most commonly applied computer vision tasks with just one training library. We currently support object detection, image classification and semantic segmentation for videos and images.

Why use SuperGradients?

Built-in SOTA Models

Easily load and fine-tune production-ready, pre-trained SOTA models that incorporate best practices and validated hyper-parameters for achieving best-in-class accuracy (Yolox, PP-YoloE, STDC, DDRNet, and PP-LiteSeg).

Easily Reproduce our Results

Why do all the grind work, if we already did it for you? leverage tested and proven recipes & code examples for a wide range of computer vision models generated by our team of deep learning experts. Easily configure your own or use plug & play hyperparameters for training, dataset, and architecture.

Production Readiness and Ease of Integration

All SuperGradients models’ are production ready in the sense that they are compatible with deployment tools such as TensorRT (Nvidia) and OpenVINO (Intel) and can be easily taken into production. With a few lines of code you can easily integrate the models into your codebase.

Getting Started

Check out our Quickstart tutorial to get learn the basic of SuperGradients.

You can also start from our tutorial on Detection, Segmentation or Pose Estimation.

What's New

Version 3.4.0 (November 6, 2023)

  • YoloNAS-Pose model released - a new frontier in pose estimation
  • Added option to export a recipe to a single YAML file or to a standalone file
  • Other bugfixes & minor improvements. Full release notes available here


If you are using SuperGradients library in your research, please cite SuperGradients deep learning training library.


If you want to be a part of SuperGradients growing community, hear about all the exciting news and updates, need help, request for advanced features, or want to file a bug or issue report, we would love to welcome you aboard!

  • Slack is the place to be and ask questions about SuperGradients and get support. Click here to join our Slack

  • To report a bug, file an issue on GitHub.

  • Join the SG Newsletter for staying up to date with new features and models, important announcements, and upcoming events.


This project is released under the Apache 2.0 license.



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