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A base class for all of Deci's model classes. A model stores data in constant fields, and let us manipulate the data in a more readable way.


Name Type Description Notes
target_hardwares list[HardwareType] [optional] [default to ["V100","T4","A10G","A100 80GB GCP","A100 40GB GCP","EPYC 7002","EPYC 7003","Jetson Xavier","Jetson Nano","Jetson Xavier AGX","Jetson Orin","Jetson Orin NX","Jetson Orin Nano","Jetson Orin Nano 4GB","Cascade Lake","Skylake","Broadwell","Icelake","Intel NUC Tiger Lake","Skylake-SP","Cascade Lake GCP","NXP i.MX 8M mini","c5.2xlarge"]]
target_batch_sizes list[int] [optional] [default to [1]]
target_metric Metric [optional]
optimize_model_size bool [optional] [default to False]
quantization_levels list[QuantizationLevel] [optional] [default to ["FP16"]]
optimize_autonac bool [optional] [default to False]
name str [optional]
raw_format bool [optional] [default to False]
conversion_parameters object [optional]

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