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A base class for all of Deci's model classes. A model stores data in constant fields, and let us manipulate the data in a more readable way.


Name Type Description Notes
update_time datetime [optional]
creation_time datetime [optional]
id str [optional]
deleted bool [optional] [default to False]
model_id str
baseline_model_id str
workspace_id str
name str
owner str
model_size float
quantization_level QuantizationLevel
dl_task DeepLearningTask
dl_task_label DeepLearningTaskLabel
input_dimensions list[object]
primary_hardware HardwareReturnSchema
accuracy_metrics list[AccuracyMetric]
source ModelSource
hyper_parameters list[HyperParameter]
raw_format bool [optional] [default to False]
description str
kpis list[KPI]
architecture str
optimization_state ModelOptimizationState
colab_link str [optional]

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