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Name Type Description Notes
updateTime string Updatetime [optional] [default to null]
creationTime string Creationtime [optional] [default to null]
id string Id [optional] [default to null]
deleted boolean Deleted [optional] [default to false]
modelId string Modelid [optional] [default to null]
name string Name [default to null]
owner string Owner [optional] [default to null]
version string Version [optional] [default to 1.0]
modelSize integer Modelsize [optional] [default to 0]
source ModelSource [optional] [default to null]
quantizationLevel QuantizationLevel [optional] [default to null]
framework FrameworkType [default to null]
platformVersion string Platformversion [optional] [default to null]
dlTask string Dltask [default to null]
inputDimensions array[AnyType] Inputdimensions [optional] [default to null]
channelFirst boolean Channelfirst [optional] [default to true]
fetchedModelInputDimensions array[AnyType] Fetchedmodelinputdimensions [optional] [default to null]
datasetName DatasetName [optional] [default to null]
architecture string Architecture [optional] [default to null]
primaryHardware HardwareType [default to null]
primaryBatchSize integer Primarybatchsize [optional] [default to 1]
benchmarkState ModelBenchmarkState [optional] [default to null]
benchmarkStartDate string Benchmarkstartdate [optional] [default to null]
benchmarkEndDate string Benchmarkenddate [optional] [default to null]
benchmark map[String, array[ModelBenchmarkResultMetadata]] Benchmark [optional] [default to null]
optimizationState ModelOptimizationState [optional] [default to null]
optimizationStartDate string Optimizationstartdate [optional] [default to null]
optimizationEndDate string Optimizationenddate [optional] [default to null]
gruState ModelGruState [optional] [default to null]
gruStartDate string Grustartdate [optional] [default to null]
gruEndDate string Gruenddate [optional] [default to null]
inputTensorName string Inputtensorname [optional] [default to null]
outputTensorName string Outputtensorname [optional] [default to null]
description string Description [optional] [default to ]
tags array[string] Tags [optional] [default to []]
kpis array[KPI] Kpis [optional] [default to []]
accuracyMetrics array[AccuracyMetric] Accuracymetrics [optional] [default to []]
hyperParameters array[HyperParameter] Hyperparameters [optional] [default to []]
rawFormat boolean Rawformat [optional] [default to false]
companyName string Companyname [optional] [default to null]
companyId string Companyid [optional] [default to null]
workspaceId string Workspaceid [optional] [default to null]
baselineModelId string Baselinemodelid [optional] [default to null]
error ModelErrorRecord Error [optional] [default to null]
customHardware string Customhardware [optional] [default to null]
colabLink string Colablink [optional] [default to null]
isInt8Calibrated boolean Isint8Calibrated [optional] [default to false]

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