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Name Type Description Notes
updateTime string Updatetime [optional] [default to null]
creationTime string Creationtime [optional] [default to null]
id string Id [optional] [default to null]
deleted boolean Deleted [optional] [default to false]
name string Name [default to null]
label string Label [default to null]
machineModel string Machinemodel [default to null]
group HardwareGroup [default to null]
imageDistribution string Imagedistribution [optional] [default to null]
imageRepository string Imagerepository [optional] [default to null]
future boolean Future [optional] [default to false]
vendor HardwareVendor [default to null]
family InferenceHardware [default to null]
taint string Taint [default to null]
jobLabel string Joblabel [default to null]
environment HardwareEnvironment [default to null]
defaultBatchSizeList array[integer] Defaultbatchsizelist [optional] [default to [1,8,16,32,64]]
fake boolean Fake [optional] [default to false]
deprecated boolean Deprecated [optional] [default to false]

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