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Name Type Description Notes
updateTime string Updatetime [optional] [default to null]
creationTime string Creationtime [optional] [default to null]
id string Id [optional] [default to null]
deleted boolean Deleted [optional] [default to false]
workspaceId string Workspaceid [default to null]
owner string Owner [default to null]
modelId string Modelid [default to null]
name string Name [default to null]
autonac boolean Autonac [optional] [default to true]
colabLink string Colablink [optional] [default to null]
deliveryState AutonacDeliveryState [default to null]
deepLearningTask DeepLearningTask [default to null]
source AutonacSource [default to null]
architecture string Architecture [default to null]
initialRawFormat boolean Initialrawformat [optional] [default to false]
initialModelSize integer Initialmodelsize [default to null]
initialQuantizationLevel QuantizationLevel [default to null]
initialInputDimensions array[AnyType] Initialinputdimensions [default to null]
initialAccuracyMetrics array[AccuracyMetric] Initialaccuracymetrics [default to null]
initialHyperParameters array[HyperParameter] Initialhyperparameters [default to null]
initialDescription string Initialdescription [default to null]
initialKpis array[KPI] Initialkpis [default to null]
initialOptimizationState ModelOptimizationState [default to null]
initialBaselineModelId string Initialbaselinemodelid [default to null]
initialPrimaryHardware HardwareType [default to null]

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