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Describes the proprietary technology of the Deci platform.

Automated Neural Architecture Construction (AutoNAC)

Deci’s proprietary Automated Neural Architecture Construction (AutoNAC) model performance accelerator is a data- and hardware-dependent algorithmic solution that is complementary to other known model compression techniques, such as pruning and quantization. The AutoNAC pipeline inputs a user-trained deep neural network, a dataset and access to an inference platform. It then redesigns the user’s neural network to derive an optimized architecture whose latency is substantially lower, without compromising accuracy. AutoNAC optimizes deep learning models to more effectively use their hardware platform, be it CPU, GPU, FPGA or special purpose ASIC accelerators.

Deci AI leverages technology to provide a substantial performance boost to existing deep neural solutions. The acceleration provided by this seamless procedure enables dramatic reductions in inference latency and cost-to-serve savings, and is often accompanied by improvements in accuracy.

Note: Almost all the features described in this guide are provided with a free license. To enjoy the full power of Deci’s AutoNAC accelerator, you must purchase a premium license.

Platform Architecture

Deci Platform is a SaaS platform that is available as a managed web application, HTTP API and self-hosted solution. It supports one or more clients and is available in a variety of programming languages and protocols.


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