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INFERY Pre-Requisites


  • Python 3.7 or python 3.8


  • Python 3.7 or python 3.8
  • CUDA 11.1 pre-installed
  • cuDNN 8.1.x
  • Nvidia Driver with CUDA 11.1 support (≥450.x)
  • Nvidia-pyindex python package pre-installed
  • For linux hosts - Install python3-dev libraries (for example).


Installing INFERY Inside Virtual Environments

Some use cases require us to install INFERY inside virtual environments, like VirtualEnv, PyEnv or Conda, etc.

Please make sure to include the operating system's original site packages in your environment, by specifying the flag --system-site-packages upon environment creation, as explained in

This flag is crucial in order to use OpenVino models with INFERY on Linux hosts inside virtual environments.

When the system site-packages are not visible to the environment, for example - on an existing environment, some vital libraries will be missing. This will prevent OpenVino from loading properly on Linux hosts.
In that case, INFERY will fail to load OpenVino models.
This can be solved by installing or the equivalent for your Linux distribution.

Container technologies like container and Docker are not virtual environments. Containers of any type are not affected by this scope.

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